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5 Ways to Retain Caregivers For Your Homecare Agency

Recruiting caregivers is always a hot topic but retaining quality help is just as important for the success of your business or home care agency. Good people can be hard to find, but they are definitely worth keeping. Here are 5 ways to retain quality caregivers.

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The Top 10 Questions to Consider when Choosing Home Care Software

Choosing the right software to help manage your home care agency or HCBS agency can be difficult. How much do you want to spend? Which features do you need? With so much to think about, we’re breaking down The Top 10 Questions to Consider when Choosing Home Care Software for your Agency.

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5 Ways COVID-19 Reinforces the Need for Home Care

Life just gave us a whole truckload of lemons. If we’re staying true to the saying, it’s time for us to make lemonade. But HCBS has been seriously affected by coronavirus response. Could there really be an upside to all this chaos? For the world of Home- and Community- Based Care, the answer is yes. Let’s look at 5 ways the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for home care.

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EVV Implementation: How long does it take to get started?

Is your agency required to implement EVV by 2021? We’ve mapped out three timelines for you to successfully get up and running by the January 1st deadline. Select the best process for your agency based on these 3-, 6-, and 9-month plans to implement Electronic Visit Verification on time.

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8 Ways to Better Yourself Personally and Professionally in just 21 days

Recent circumstances have left many of us feeling blue. We’re stuck at home, isolated from friends and family, adjusting to work changes or lack thereof, and remain uncertain about what lies ahead. Rather than accepting our fate, we think it’s the perfect time to reach some goals. Did you know it takes just 21 days to build a habit? Check out these 8 ways to focus on personal and professional growth.

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4 HCBS Myths that May Have You FOOLED

It’s April Fool’s Day, so we’re taking this opportunity to debunk some HCBS industry myths. Don’t let these 4 common misconceptions fool you.

  1. You cannot accomplish your workload without enough employees.

  2. Missed reimbursement opportunities are a part of the job.

  3. Keeping everything on paper means the document exists when you need it.

  4. EVV is too complicated and implementation will interrupt your business.

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Supported Decision-Making: An Option to Empower

When someone with a disability has difficulty making certain decisions independently, people may assume they need guardianship., even when they do not. This is where Supported Decision-Making (SDM) comes in, not only as an alternative to guardianship, but also a means to increase individual self-determination. SDM is a way for people with disabilities to use available supports to make their own choices and lead their own life.

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Person-Centered Care: Redirecting Focus to Those We Serve

The care industry has evolved to demand far more than just service. We now balance operational tasks and state requirements along with the care we provide. These additional expectations can distract us from being whole-heartedly focused on the people being served. By formulating our agencies around person-centered care, we can guarantee administrative tasks never overshadow the people we aim to help. Here are 3 ways a person-centered care model can make the difference.

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The Future of Billing

Billing can be one of the most stressful aspects of running an agency, which is really saying something. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and never seems to get easier. Luckily, this archaic and demanding process of billing is soon to be a thing of the past. The latest advances in technology have us rejoicing better billing. Here are some things we’re most excited about.

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Interoperability: Keeping Personal Information in Your Hands

Imagine a bookcase. Picture it holding all of your journals, notes, drawings, and photographs: things that wouldn’t exist without you. Whenever you feel like it, you can take anything from this shelf and simply return it when you’re done. Taking a trip? Maybe you bring a journal along. Want to lend notes to a friend? Easy enough. You control what’s on display, who has access to it all, and when (and where) it’s time to use something.

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The 3 R’s of Overcoming Caregiver Shortages

We’ve all noticed the decline in caregiver availability, the increase in turnover, and the extreme pressure to do more with less. It’s the direction of the home care industry, and turning the tide is out of our control. We cannot influence more caregivers to join the field. We cannot pause the influx of care recipients needing our services. But there are some things within our control that can greatly benefit how we overcome caregiver shortage. Let’s follow the 3 R’s.

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