8 Ways to Better Yourself Personally and Professionally in just 21 days

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8 Ways to Better Yourself Personally and Professionally in just 21 days




Recent circumstances have left many of us feeling blue. We’re stuck at home, isolated from friends and family, adjusting to work changes or lack thereof, and remain uncertain about what lies ahead. Rather than accepting our fate, we think it’s the perfect time to reach some goals. Did you know it takes just 21 days to build a habit? Check out these 8 ways to focus on personal and professional growth.

Personal Growth

1. Improve your physical health. Whether you’d like to start a new workout routine, intend to develop better eating habits, or have a goal to lower cholesterol, now is your chance.

2. Feed your mind. Read, write, and play games! Think, wonder, and discuss. Use that brain power to explore everything you find interesting.

3. Nurture hobbies. Revisit old hobbies or explore something new: draw, paint, sing, dance, build, play, create.

4. Boost your environment. Rearrange, replace or re-purpose items, deep clean. Get to things you’ve been ignoring for months, or years!

Professional Growth

1. Enhance your skill set. Invest some time in developing professional skills that help you do your job better or advance to the next level. Watch some webinars, take an online course, attend a virtual conference, do some research and reading.

2. Master your resume or portfolio. Take the time to dive deep and develop the perfect resume or portfolio to attract employers. Use templates to find an appealing layout, then spend some time perfecting the information.

3. Zero in on goals. What are your professional goals for the next 12 months? How does that break down into what you do this month, this week, or even today? Hyper focus on the smaller tasks you can complete each day to reach your larger goals.

4. Organize everything. Make sure that you are setup for success. Is your desktop clean? Are your folders organized? Is your calendar up to date? Now is the time to really get organized.

We hope you enjoy your time at home a little more with these 8 ways to better yourself personally and professionally in just 21 days. For more blogs and content visit pavillio.com/blog today.