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Pavillio by Cashé Software simplifies the complexity of HCBS agency management with a person-centered fully integrated platform that helps improve care outcomes through revenue and billing management, compliance, operations and more.

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Home care software for the home and community-based care ecosystem - from EVV, billing, compliance and more

Home care and community services agencies

  • Automated operations and one-click home care billing
  • Centralized home care digital documentation
  • Fully integrated EVV compliance and workflows

In-home caregivers

  • On-the-go service details
  • Transparent caregiver workload management
  • Easy-to-use EVV mobile app

Home care clients

  • Easy to review and approve home care time entry
  • Transparent access to service details


  • Delivered in required format - the first time
  • Eases and quickens payment process

Fiscal/Employer Agent
(Financial Management Service)

  • Budget management and reporting
  • Highly automated payroll and home care billing
  • Comprehensive mobile app for Representatives

State and Local Government

  • Case management automation
  • Social services mobile app

Confidently manage home care operations with smart automation designed to meet your needs now and in the future


We bend to meet you needs
  • Home care billing software pricing and plans designed to meet your agency needs at every stage – free plans to reduced cost and pricing based on the number of clients.
  • Custom configuration for your unique needs from pay rate status to roles to access and more.
  • Easily bends to meet staffing needs with new staff onboarding and leaving – quick and easy to add and change users.


We make it easy
  • Built-in intelligent automation to submit verified claims, MCO and state forms without manual manipulation or management.
  • Plan of Care real-time usage tracking with approved units of service custom to each client and caregiver.​
  • Easily log time in the field with client approval for fast billing turnaround.


You can count us
  • Achieves EVV compliance and supports state licensing requirements for home care and community services agencies
  • Smart dashboard to track key metrics and flag potential operational issues.
  • Implementation and Support Team with you at each step of the way – up and running in four to six weeks.


Cashé Software's Pavillio platform is trusted by more than 70,000 Minnesota caregivers

"We have had a lot of positives impact from Pavillio as it’s really an easy way to navigate billing."

Colettes Sanyi
Programs Director
CJS Community Services Inc

"It has made us far more efficient. We’ve been able to grow and modernize as a company with the help of Pavillio. "

Aandrea LaFavor
Project Manager
Midwest Independent Living Services

"Change is hard. But the team made implementation easy. We were up and running in weeks with confidence."

Josh Moore
Programs Director

Modernize home care operations with easy-to-use automation

Where your home care operations is today


  • Manually intensive
  • Spreadsheet reliant
  • Error ridden
  • Compliance risks


Where your home care operations could be with Pavillio


  • Smart automation
  • Digital documentation
  • 99% claims approval
  • EVV compliant


caregivers trust and use us


claims paid


client lives impacted


of manual tasks now automated


home care & community services agencies choose us

Our purpose

Cashé Software is passionate about using technology for good. Our superpower is our unique blend of deep health care and home care experience married with equally deep technical know-how. We get the home care billing problems facing home care agencies owners and caregivers because our employees have been there – literally.

That’s why we lead with empathy to continuously evolve and improve lives through developing cutting-edge tools and services. Ultimately, our purpose is to empower human services and home care teams and their clients to work together toward the shared goal of self direction. 

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