Trusted Fiscal Employer Agent (FEA) – Financial Management Service (FMS)

Pavillio by Cashé Software is the trusted platform by more than half of Minnesota’s FMS providers. You need a trusted partner and tools for budget management, HCBS billing, and more. We can help!

Financial Management Services for HCBS

Providing Financial Management Services (FMS)

Pavillio plays a key role as FEA ensuring workers are paid on time and managing accurate taxes. We also take on full liability for each participant-employer’s tax responsibilities related to participation in a self direction program.

This includes:

  • Budget management and reporting
  • Highly automated payroll and HCBS billing
  • Comprehensive mobile app for Representatives

Faster and easier to complete required tax forms

We automated the process for completing and submitting IRS employment 941 and 940 tax forms. Better yet – we are making it available for free. Check out below to get started!

Big news! We've joined forces with HHAeXchange to help enable homecare agencies.