4 HCBS Myths that May Have You FOOLED

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4 HCBS Myths that May Have You FOOLED


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It’s April Fool’s Day, so we’re taking this opportunity to debunk some HCBS industry myths. Don’t let these 4 common misconceptions fool you.

MYTH: You cannot accomplish your workload without enough employees.

This particular myth exists because it used to be true, but things have changed a lot over the last few years. Before, a lack of extra hands directly correlated with less capacity. Now, technology can fill in the gaps, allowing you to do more with less. Software that automates processes means you can have less employees in the office and still accomplish the workload.

MYTH: Missed reimbursement opportunities are a part of the job.

It’s understandable that you would think this, because it has been true for such a long time. Yet again, technology has come to the rescue. New innovative software means you can validate claims before sending them, ensuring less denials and more money in your pocket. The system will alert you to potential errors so you can correct them immediately and send out clean claims for maximum reimbursements.

MYTH: Keeping everything on paper means the document exists when you need it.

This may sound like it’s backed by logic, but in reality, it is creating a series of issues. Working from paper means you can easily misplace important information, making it a struggle to find when you need it. It also increases the likelihood of losing the documentation altogether. Going digital means you can find what you’re looking for the instant you need it, everything is backed up, and the physical storage space to house paperwork is eliminated.

MYTH: EVV is too complicated and implementation will interrupt your business.

EVV is a hot topic as we approach 2021. Many agencies are putting off implementation because it feels like an undertaking. Fortunately, there is nothing to fear. With the right applications EVV can actually make your life easier. It accounts for more accurate visit records, brings documentation into the digital age, and becomes quite simple once you learn the program.

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