Connected human services

Pavillio empowers state and county residents to better manage and self direct their services while helping human services deliver more care, more effectively – without overhauling existing systems.

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Closing the revenue gaps, improving care

We’ve been serving the human services community for more than 20 years.

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Medicaid claims billed annually


of manual tasks now automated

Connected care at your fingertips

Imagine: an app that allows residents to self-direct services while at the same time empowering state and county to deploy more services and manage them more easily. That future is here.

Benefits for counties


Serve more residents despite fewer resources

Less manual paperwork
The App is open even when offices are closed

Benefits for residents

Real-time benefit information at their fingertips
One tool for all county communications
Easy access to case managers

Care reimagined for state and local governments

A case study: Impact on Washington County

Washington County uses Social Service Information System (SSIS) to chart for services, such as Mental Health, Crisis Response and Housing Stabilization. SSIS can bill Medical Assistance (MA) services directly, but SSIS did not have a way to bill for services paid by Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).

Washington County created a custom billing application to take data from SSIS and manual spreadsheets to create EDI files to send to the MCOs.

However, it was created in an outdated environment that resulted in significant errors that resulted in unbilled services. It was also not cost-effective to maintain or scale across other counties or cities.

The Solution? Pavillio


  • 75% reduction in time to complete billing
  • Significant improvements in billing accuracy
  • Closed revenue gaps by reducing volume of unbilled services

“Since August 2022, we have been using Pavillio for processing our MCO Billing claims, Targeted Case Management, Medicare Part B, and Consumer Support Grants. Examples of benefits that we are enjoying with using Pavillio are its improved fraud detection, its real-time authorization management, its ability to submit to DHS and a clearinghouse for health plan payments, and real-time reporting. Because Pavillio is hosted in the cloud, I am also thankful that Washington County does not need to host or support the application.”

Eric Abraham, IT Manager
Washington County

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