Person-Centered Care: Redirecting Focus to Those We Serve

couple with someone with downs syndrome

Person-Centered Care: Redirecting Focus to Those We Serve




The care industry has evolved to demand far more than just service. We now balance operational tasks and state requirements along with the care we provide. These additional expectations can distract us from being whole-heartedly focused on the people being served. By formulating our agencies around person-centered care, we can guarantee administrative tasks never overshadow the people we aim to help. Here are 3 ways a person-centered care model can make the difference.

1. It keeps the end-goal in mind. Ultimately, our entire purpose is to serve the person in need of care. We want to focus on quality of life, and empowering individuals to function at maximum capacity. Industry requirements can pull our attention toward other tedious tasks. Having a care model that centers around the recipient helps humanize the experience and remind us of why we do what we do.

2. It ensures every function has a purpose. Most of us have found ourselves completing a task that made us wonder, “why am I doing this?” Sometimes designing processes can become so robust that we lose sight of the reason behind each function. By committing to person-centered care, we can look at everything we do in relation to how it directly correlates to the individuals we serve. It adds intention to our practices and helps eliminate unnecessary steps.

3. It integrates technology that enables better care. By focusing on the individuals we serve, we can look at circumstances through a solution-oriented lens. How can I make life better for this person? What tools would enable me to provide better care for them? Software is now being designed with this in mind, thus creating new capabilities that were never considered before, but ultimately benefiting the level of care provided.

We are all in this industry because we genuinely care about people. By refocusing our efforts on person-centered care, we can truly make a difference in the lives of those in need. Visit our blog at to learn more about the HCBS world and the technological advancements that drive us forward.