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How to log in

Step 1/2

Receive temporary password via email and download Pavillio app from app store/play store

Step 2/2

Log in with email address as user name and your temp password.  Then, set your permanent password (enter temp again and then create your own) log into Pavillio with email address/password.

How to start a visit 

Step 1/2

Go to My Clients and locate Client that you’re working with

Step 2/2

Click Clock in and select service and location (Home or Community) 

How to end a visit 

Step 1/4

In the open visit – add activity or outcome information, notes (visit note is required) and Sign

Step 2/4

Add Client or RP signature if present and enter the client/RP Pin. If not present, select Not Available 

Step 3/4

Review Fraud Statement, click Clock out to end the visit, Select clock out Location   *Note: if clocking outside of the geofence, you will be alerted.

Step 4/4

Review time and visit information- click Submit

How to submit saved visits

Step 1/3

On the Dashboard- select Visits to Submit

Step 2/3

Edit to Add Activities/Outcomes and Visit Notes. Then select one or more records using radio buttons on the left. Click Sign and Submit 

Step 3/3

Sign and Click Submit 

Frequently asked questions

The Pavillio app can be downloaded in either iOS or Android

For iOS Users: Find Pavillio in the App Store here.

For Android Users: Find Pavillio in the Google Playstore here

Here are the ways to review time worked: 

  • Hours worked for the current week display on the Dashboard.
  • Hours worked for past weeks can be found in My Profile>View My Hours Worked>Select the week
  • To see individual visits for each client, go to My Clients>View Details>View Visit Entries. This will show start/end and total time for each individual visit record 
Pavillio EVV complies with all state and federal EVV regulations, including the 21st Century Cures Act. We continuously update our app to adhere to the latest compliance standards across all states.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to My Clients>View Details>Add Manual Visit
  • Select the Service Line,Add Visit
  • Select the service date
  • Select the service code, if needed
  • Select the start/end times for the visit
  • Click Add Visit
  • Add Activities (PCA only) and Visit Notes
  • Employee Sign
  • Client/RP Sign and enter PIN if present, otherwise select Not Available
  • Select Submit 
Pavillio allows this when Adding a Manual Visit. However, this does NOT meet the EVV mandate requirements of clicking in and out in real time and is not recommended.    

Here are the steps for to use the SharedCare feature: 

  • Go to My clients>Sessions  
  • Add Session 
  • Select the Service you’re performing 
  • Select the clients that you’re starting the visit with by selecting the radio button on the left side 
  • Start session 
  • If additional client arrives and needs care, use Add Client to start the clock for that person 
    Client sessions can be ended and restarted if they leave and return during your shift 

Here are the steps: 

  • Each individual visit entry needs to have activities or outcomes and visit notes 
  • Each client can be clocked out individually using Clock Out or Stop Session at the bottom will stop the session for all clients 
  • Once documentation is completed and the visit is ended, you will sign and submit the record 

Here’s the steps: 

  • If expense reimbursements are allowed by your agency, you will select Add Expense 
  • Select the expense that you’re adding such as mileage 
  • Enter the total miles/dollars that you’re requesting to be reimbursed for 
  • When the session is submitted, the expense reimbursement is submitted as well 
You don’t need to clock in and out in real time, however, you do need to enter your time into the app each day. 

These are the steps to change the language in the app: 

  • Under Menu – Change Language
  • Select from 10 different language options 
No, schedules are optional in Pavillio. If your agency has scheduled a visit for you, the visit will display on your Dashboard. You can simply clock in right from there.   

There are several reasons why and ways to resolve. 

  1. Look for red boxes around the issue areas. This will indicate where the error is.
  2. Client ineligible
  3. Client out of units
  4. Visit already exists
  5. No activities added 

To create a bookmark on your home screen to function like the app: 
If you have an iPhone/iPad … 
• Visit the website in your Safari browser. 
• Tap the Action button (the square button with the arrow pointing upwards). 
• Scroll down and tap Add to Home Screen. 
• Give the shortcut icon a name that will allow you to quickly recognize what the icon is for. 
• Tap the Done button. The icon should now be on your Home screen. 
If you have an Android phone or tablet … 
Follow these steps if you’re using the stock Android browser (the one that looks like a “globe”): 
• Visit the website in your Android browser. 
• Tap the three vertical dots to the right of the address bar to display the browser’s menu. 
• Tap Add to Bookmarks. 
• Tap the down-arrow in the “Add to” field and select Home screen from the drop-down menu. 
• Tap the title that’s displayed in the “Label” field and give the shortcut icon a name that will allow 
you to quickly recognize what the icon is for. 
• Tap OK. The icon should now be on your Home screen. 
Follow the steps below if you’re using Google Chrome: 
• Visit the website at in your Chrome browser. 
• Tap the three vertical dots to the right of the address bar to display the browser’s menu. 
• Tap Add to Home screen. 
• Give the shortcut icon a name that will allow you to quickly recognize what the icon is for. 
• Tap Add. 

The temporary password is valid for 30 days.
Yes, each service Agreement will be displayed on your home screen. By electing View More, you can see the authorized hours per day, week or month for that service.
Yes, you can! From the home screen>Approve Visits, you can select multiple visits using the radio buttons on the left and Sign and Approve all visits at one time.
Clients will get a pin when the account is activated- it will come through email/text message. RPs can set up a pin by going to the My Profile tab in the app and click Reset Pin. This will send a new pin to your email.
A rejected visit will go back to the caregiver’s account. This will allow them to make edits and resubmit the corrected time for your approval.


Clients and Responsible Parties

For Caregivers


  1. Remember me? You can use this Remember Me button to save your user name and password in the app so you don’t have to enter it each time. 
  2. Geo-location can vary based on your device. For the best results, be sure to turn on Allow Precise Location in your device settings.
  3. We love new features! To ensure you have the most recent version of the app, allow for automatic updates. 

Need Support?

If you need help with the Pavillio EVV mobile app, please contact your agency for support