Pavillio Release: Anthurium

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Pavillio Release Notes: Anthurium

We take pride in updating Pavillio with new features suggested by our users. Read about the latest features below.

What we added:


  • Have you wondered who submitted or approved visit records and when? You can now see the date and time as well as the user who submitted, approved and finalized time records. This is available in both the Approve Visits, Approve Attendance, Record Charge (View tab), Paper Timesheet (View Visits tab) and Service History screens.
  • Filtering on the client and employee screens is now easier. When entering the Client and Employee screens, you no longer will have to first select Filter before entering in your search criteria, saving you one click with each search.

Bugs we Fixed

  • Service agreement import issue when entering DSS service agreements has been fixed.
  • Display of Parked date and old claim ID in claims management has been corrected.
  • Time zone correction in third party payor export has been corrected.

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