Pavillio Release: Monalisa

We are constantly listening to our users and improving Pavillio with highly requested features. This latest release, codenamed “Monalisa”, is just the latest in a long line of constant updates to Pavillio. Read the full list of improvements and bug fixes below.

New features

  • Looking to track training or travel time? You can set up non-billable activities and establish set payrates for your agency and employees will be able to clock time in Pavillio and calculated for payroll. Time will be clocked by going to
  • With the addition of non-billable time, there are new payroll categories including salary (does not calculate for payroll), fixed hourly (same rate of pay for all hours worked) and variable hourly (rate can vary based on role performed.) You will be more accurately able to classify your employees pay to meet your agency needs.
  • New service lines: Substance Use Disorder Services and Home Delivered Meals.
  • Service History search changes- you can search for up to 1 year of records when specifying one client or one employee. This will allow you to search for one client’s entire service agreement span.
  • From the Ready card, you will be able to identify which claims are new and which are being reprocessed (corrected or voided) from the Claims Workbench. You will also be able to filter by this status and see the total dollars for each.

Bugs we Fixed

  • Corrected issue with T1019 and shared service codes billed for the same client on the same day.
  • Corrected EVV Real-time entries 1 min overlap issue
  • Corrected issue relating to changing SA end dates
  • DSS Approve Tasks will now display task times
  • Query updates to improve performance