Cashe Release Notes: Monalisa Patch One

What we’ve added:

  • Push Notifications have arrived! This highly requested feature allows you to send a notification to your EVV app users even when they are not logged in. This is a great way to remind your caregivers to complete their shifts for payroll, or your Responsible Parties to approve visits so that the caregiver can get paid. These can be sent to a pre-set list of users or to an individual/small group of individual users. Just a reminder- do not send HIPAA data as a notification! When the user clicks on the notification, it will redirect the user right to the app. You’ll find the full instructions in the help area.
  • Holiday pay will now compute as part of regular payroll. You will need to go to Administration>Masters and set up the holidays that your agency observes. Once this is done, those holidays will be computed as part of your regular payroll computation process.
  • Service Type Filter has been added in Claims Management. There are service lines that have many different service types. By selecting one service line, you can filter by a specific service type and see all claims associated with this type- this is particularly useful for County Case Management and DSS.
  • Editing Care Delivery Documents- for PCA care plans and CSSP-A Intensive documents, you will now be able to edit without having to clone the care delivery and change the dates. When selecting Edit Care Delivery, you will note the reason for your edit and the previous document will be saved as an archived document while the new one is saved as the active document with the edit reason noted. All notes will carry though to the active document, so the history is maintained in one place. You will no longer have to worry about draft care deliveries, the care delivery will be active and can be edited when more information is available to make sure client care is accurate. Editing of other care deliveries will be coming in the next release!


Bug we’ve fixed:

  • Payrate end dates have been restored and many of the fields in the payrates are again editable.
  • Activity requirement in the Generic Care Plan has been corrected.
  • Overtime is now calculated at the blended rate if the employee has more than one rate of pay.
  • Merging logic correction for claims coming from the workbench.
  • DSS attendance- when a service line has ended, that line will not display for attendance.
  • Slowness when adding a physician has been corrected.
  • Connection to clients when the caregiver is terminated has been corrected.
  • Closed records in the hiring tab will only display if searched. This will clean up the records that you’re actively working with.