pavillio update: Bluebell

We pride ourselves on listening to our users and bringing highly requested features to Pavillio. One of the most requested features, overlapping service agreements, has been added! Find out more about all the awesome things we added in this latest release!

What we added

  • Highly requested feature! We’ve added the ability to have multiple service agreements for the same payor for the same period. When a client has received 2 different service agreements for the same service for the same payor, for example, DSS service may come on one MNDHS service agreement and the DSS transportation may come on a separate one, you will now be able to put both of these into Pavillio! Please see more information on this process in the Help area of Pavillio.
  • Service agreement/care delivery changes- in the past, Pavillio has required a care delivery to be attached to each individual service agreement. This is no longer the case! You will be able to create one care delivery independent of your service agreement. This will improve the process of starting, ending, or editing both care delivery and service agreement dates as your business requires.
  • Deleting visit records from the failed card just got easier. For each failed record, you’ll be able to view the failed reason at the top and down below, you will see each individual visit record. Here you will be able to delete each line individually, or you can delete the whole group by going to Actions>Delete Record.
  • App update to version 4.5.3 to allow for service agreement changes.

Bugs we fixed

  • Editing care delivery changes to improve performance. You can now edit all fields, creating an archived version of the document as a historical record.
  • Gen care plan and CSSPA Basic- editing ADLs/IADLs: Daily will populate all days of the week and as needed allows for selection of days when care is needed.
  • Corrected timestamp when the attendance is ended by force clock-out.
  • Corrected closed date issue when ending care deliveries.
  • Corrected payrate overlap error
  • Employee Payrate Details view in the employee profile has been adjusted to account for Variable Service payrates.