full feature set

continuous billing

We help prevent costly errors daily by enabling you to automatically send validated claims without human intervention. Reduce your biller’s obligation and increase your agency’s cash flow using our clean claims validation engine and enforced workflows.

expedited intake

Getting new care recipients started is a breeze with Pavillio. Verify, validate, and collect signatures directly from your device. Import PDFs to automatically fill in profile information and Service Agreement details. You can even transfer care recipient information from other agencies.

simple onboarding

Swiftly add new employees to the platform and track their progress throughout the hiring process. Employees coming from another agency can easily be transferred to yours. We automatically import all of their information, so you don’t have to enter it again.

powerful scheduler

Our broad and versatile tool goes beyond standard scheduling. Pavillio uses preferences to recommend the best caregivers for each recipient. Connect caregivers to care recipients or locations, such as group homes. You can even add an activity destination.

document focused

Revise, maintain, sign, and archive documents with a seamless experience that transforms your paper pile into digital documentation. Our intuitive platform even auto-completes fields based on data within the system, so you can spend less time filling in redundant information.

intelligent fields

Say goodbye to tedious tasks. Speed through information entry with our live database catalog. We make it easy to complete fields with auto-fill capabilities, so you can quickly enter zip codes, physician names and payor information without having to think about it.

make it your own

Make Pavillio work for your agency with customizable features. Modify user permissions by role to dictate accessible information and available functions. Specify terminology throughout the platform to match your preferences. We even help you remain compliant with the requirements of your state.

mobile first

We’ve designed the entire platform to function seamlessly on mobile devices of all types. Whether you prefer to use your phone, a tablet, or a computer, our platform is designed to succeed. Workflows and functionality remain accessible from your browser or within the designated apps, allowing access from anywhere.

cloud native

Pavillio is custom-built from the ground up using microservices architecture deployed in AWS to maximize performance. Whether you have one client or one million, our platform is designed to scale without missing a beat. Rely on us to deliver innovative technology that is fast, efficient, and always available.