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at the core of care

You’re in the business of care to change lives, but managing the excessive requirements of running your agency can be overwhelming. It may seem like you’re stretched too thin to feel proactive in making a difference. We’re here to help you do both – successfully manage your agency and focus on providing quality care.

personal care

As the demands of the personal care industry grow, you may find it harder to juggle the numerous requirements. Pavillio is designed to compile everything into a single, streamlined solution, so you can spend less time worrying about the details. Minimize errors, maximize efficiency, and manage your agency with confidence.

continuous claims

Enjoy the ease of fully automated billing that directly integrates with DHS for error-free claims. Pavillio’s validation system helps you avoid denials and increase reimbursements, no biller required.

compliance & quality

Because we manage quality, compliance is almost inevitable. We go state by state, program by program, to ensure you automatically meet regulatory requirements and remain compliant.

workforce management

Manage onboarding paperwork, scheduling, and payroll integration with Pavillio. To keep things simple, our platform works with any payroll provider on the market.

electronic visit verification (EVV)

EVV is an integral part of Pavillio, so you can manage visit verification in one place. Download our EVV mobile app for caregivers and clients from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Manage scheduling, billing, and 245D compliance documentation with ease.

day services

Automate 245D documentation, improve financial performance, and enhance quality of care.

mental health

Streamline billing, scheduling and compliance in a single comprehensive platform.

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