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upgrade from our Cashé legacy platform to Pavillio for FREE

we’re waiving your implementation fee

Our legacy platform has helped us achieve amazing things over the last 16 years. We’ve been able to mold our experience, knowledge, and technological expertise into the next iteration of of Cashé Software. With the release of our new product, Pavillio, we are ready to reach new heights, and we’re taking you with us!

As a sign of gratitude for your continued partnership, we are upgrading your agency from the legacy platform to Pavillio without implementation fees!

See details below, an FAQ at the bottom, or read A View from Pavillio: Professional PCA’s Customer Success Story for a first-hand account of the migration.

customer loyalty program

This program is reserved for customers in current Cashé Software contracts at the time Pavillio migration is initiated, ensuring preferential pricing.

Price Lock Guarantee

Secure your pricing structure for up to 2 years!

*If your Pavillio pricing will be less than Cashe, you will be charged the lower pricing.

  • Platinum Customers: price will be locked for 24 months from the date you migrate.
  • Gold or Silver Customers: price will be locked for 12 months from the date you migrate.
  • Billing Services: pricing will also be secured for the 12-24 month period.

Preferential Pricing

Enjoy even more specialty discounts!
  • After the Price Lock Guarantee period has ended, you will continue to receive a customer loyalty discount.
  • This guarantees your pricing remains lower than any new customer contract for an agency of similar size and complexity.

Customers with over 500 active clients at the time of migration will fall into a special category of the loyalty program and will be contacted individually.

We are so excited to show our customers the level of thought that went into this product.
By custom-building Pavillio from the ground up, we created something entirely new and hyper-functional. The platform is designed specifically to make lives easier. Our ultimate mission - and likely yours - is to empower the individuals receiving services. At Cashé, we do that by enabling their Care Circle* with intelligent tools to eliminate manual burdens and redirect the focus toward serving.

*Care Circle – Our system is designed with specific considerations for each role: agency owners, admins, caregivers, billing specialists, case managers, families, and… well, maybe you should see the platform. Read our one-sheet, side-to-side comparison between platforms or request a demo today!


What is Pavillio?

Pavillio is the brand new platform offered by Cashé Software. It was initially referred to as “Cashé 2.0” or “Next Gen” until the name Pavillio was chosen.

Was Cashe Software purchased?

No, Cashé Software is still under the same ownership. Pavillio is simply a product of Cashé Software, and we are phasing out the previous software, which we refer to as the Cashé legacy platform.

How is Pavillio different from the legacy platform, Cashé?

Our legacy platform has a variety of capabilities to help HCBS agencies succeed. Pavillio is a fully custom-built solution designed to do even more. Enjoy new features, such as: automatic billing, new EVV solution, web-based access, and more.

Who will be migrating to Pavillio?

Eventually all customers will be using our Pavillio platform, and the Cashé legacy version will phase out. This switch will be made gradually, as we migrate customers based on services provided and number of clients. We are beginning with PCA and 245D customers.

How do I begin migration to Pavillio?

A migration specialist will contact your agency directly when your upgrade becomes available. Please await this message for additional details specific to your agency. We are beginning with PCA and 245D Basic customers. Agencies with additional service offerings will not be contacted for migration until those services are added to Pavillio.

Do I need to prepare anything ahead of migration?

As you await your migration specialist’s alert to begin, you can spend time cleaning up your agency’s data in the Cashé legacy platform. Remove duplicates, verify email addresses, etc. The more refined your data is, the more efficiently we can process your migration.

Will my platform pricing change?

NO! To show appreciation to customers on our legacy platform, we’re launching a Customer Loyalty Program. This program secures your current price for up to 24 months, then guarantees ongoing savings, so you’re never paying as much as new customers of similar size and scope. See below for details.

Additional questions about migrating from the Cashé legacy platform to Pavillio? Ask our Migration Specialist. [email protected]

Read more customer questions about Pavillio and the migration from our legacy platform.