2020 Tech Tools for Home Care Success

The world is moving toward digital outlets. After COVID-19, we can all see the benefits of this progression. Home Care is no different, and that’s a good thing. There are several useful tech tools powerful enough to profoundly influence how effectively we provide care. Here are some of the most exciting technological advances available for Home- and Community-Based Services.

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5 Ways to Retain Caregivers For Your Homecare Agency

Recruiting caregivers is always a hot topic but retaining quality help is just as important for the success of your business or home care agency. Good people can be hard to find, but they are definitely worth keeping. Here are 5 ways to retain quality caregivers.

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The Top 10 Questions to Consider when Choosing Home Care Software

Choosing the right software to help manage your home care agency or HCBS agency can be difficult. How much do you want to spend? Which features do you need? With so much to think about, we’re breaking down The Top 10 Questions to Consider when Choosing Home Care Software for your Agency.

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5 Ways COVID-19 Reinforces the Need for Home Care

Life just gave us a whole truckload of lemons. If we’re staying true to the saying, it’s time for us to make lemonade. But HCBS has been seriously affected by coronavirus response. Could there really be an upside to all this chaos? For the world of Home- and Community- Based Care, the answer is yes. Let’s look at 5 ways the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for home care.

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