Empowering caregivers

Caregivers make what seems impossible, possible. With so many individuals and their families depending on you, you need a partner who can walk alongside you and shoulder the responsibility. That’s why Pavillio designs and creates easy-to-use tools caregivers need to deliver quality care – on the go and everywhere. 

Caregiver EVV checking in

Delivering what caregivers  need

EVV & Compliance Peace of Mind


Clock-In and Clock-Out with the simple tap of a button


Match approved location to the clock-in GPS address


Track upcoming visits, approvals and more

Easy to Manage Your Schedule


Easily see and access hours at a glance


Manage overtime


Access information in multiple languages

Helping You Deliever Care


Quickly submit visits for review and approval


Track and report on outcomes and goals


Access critical care information from anywhere

What Caregivers say about Pavillio

“A Lifesaver for Caregivers: Efficient, Accurate, and User-Friendly! Before using this app, I used to rely on paper, Now it’s easy to track my hours, simple to use, saves time, and no more lost papers! I love it."

Lana G. Nelson

Empowering careat your fingertips

Location-based GPS tracking


Real-time communication


Easy visit reviews and approval

Document service notes


Track units utilized

Select your language

See the Pavillio mobile app in action

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