Why You Should Throw Away Paper Schedules

by | Oct 1, 2021 | News

“In the new age of EVV, smartphones, zoom calls and self service apps, manual/paper based schedules is a drag on a home care operation.  Here are some real good reasons to consider good scheduling software that automates your business.” – Praba Manivasager, President

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“For homecare agencies, manual scheduling processes can hamper business growth. An agency that carries out its day-to-day activities through a scheduling software will have an edge over the agencies that handle operations manually. Manual scheduling can introduce errors, which affects an organization’s image in the long term.

Optimizing your scheduling process allows an agency to better manage caregivers’ schedules, deal with changing availability and callouts on short notice, and assign tasks without the need to leave voicemails and repeat the shift details with multiple employees. If everything is pinned down ahead of time and emergencies are controlled by a single click, the process is simplified.

Scheduling software is designed to help providers control the whole workforce, keep track of client information and schedule appointments. This matters because even a single missed appointment can lead to clients missing care needs and families rushing to adjust their plans to take care of their loved one, which creates an unpleasant client experience.”

Above excerpt cites original Homecare article by Elena Johnson – full article linked below:

Why You Should Throw Away Paper Schedules (homecaremag.com)

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