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Pavillio’s singular focus is you – Max Impact ’24

From EVV compliance to home care billing and much more

As we’re officially in the swing of 2024, we wanted to take a moment to share what’s ahead for Pavillio and what it means for you in 2024. 

We at Pavillio are singularly focused on delivering maximum impact to our customers and the HCBS community in 2024 as the home care business software of choice for more than 400 agencies.

That’s why you’ll be hearing a lot from us about Max Impact ‘24 this year. 

Let us share a little more. 

What is Max Impact ‘24 and what does it mean for you? 

Max Impact ‘24 is our commitment to you to deliver maximum value to you in each and every interaction we have together. 

From when you log in and use Pavillio. 

To how we use your feedback to add and prioritize new Pavillio features that matter most to you. 

To how we onboard you faster and get you billing successfully in 45 days. 

And to how our Support team resolves your issues, and much more. 

Just like Pavillio is more than just home care billing or EVV compliance, Max Impact ’24 is about your end-to-end experience with us so that you know, see and feel the value of our partnership and our commitment to your success alongside you at each step of the way. 

Helping you navigate challenges ahead 

We know 2024 will be a pivotal year for the HCBS community.

EVV remains top of mind and there is still much uncertainty. 

At the same time, we also know HCBS agencies will be under even more pressure to improve the cost of care while working against reduced margins, payor changes, staffing challenges and more.  

We want to be that partner that delivers maximum impact for you. 

Hearing from you  

So that we can stay even closer to our customers and overall agencies, we have been conducting active listening and insight sessions in January and will be doing more throughout the year. 

We want to hear first-hand from you what Pavillio can do to deliver Max Impact in ‘24.  

To set up a session or to simply email your thoughts, please contact our Pavillio Product Manager [email protected].  

We have already heard from several you, including about needs for more in-depth and specialized reporting. We look forward to hearing more.

Thank you for your partnership in helping Pavillio deliver even more Max Impact ‘24! 


Learn more about how Pavillio stands out from the rest in our new guide.

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