Transform skeptical caregivers into EVV champions

by | May 28, 2024 | App, EVV

EVV compliance isn’t a nice to have. It is a must have.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) has never been more critical to the home care industry, providing real-time proof of visit.

While EVV software platforms have emerged as indispensable tools for ensuring accurate and reliable home care services, one of the significant challenges faced by healthcare agencies is managing and engaging caregivers in the process.

This guide is designed to provide home care agencies with practical and actionable strategies to achieve this transformation, ensuring better compliance.

The top five strategies to transform caregivers into EVV compliance champions.

1. Develop and employ comprehensive EVV training programs for caregivers

Provide practical, hands-on training sessions where caregivers can interact with the EVV system in a controlled environment and see the impact their work has on the agency’s operational health. Agencies never know when a Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) audit request will appear on their doorsteps. That’s why agencies must not only have documentation easily available, but also ensure error-free claims submissions.

With the Pavillio mobile app, home care agencies have continuous support with our customer help desk, online resources and more to address ongoing tech and EVV challenges.

2. Clearly communicate the benefits for EVV for caregivers

Explain how EVV systems can reduce paperwork, streamline reporting, and allow caregivers to spend more time providing care rather than managing administrative tasks.

As home care agencies are challenged to both recruit and retain caregivers, having an easy-to-use EVV platform ensures caregivers can be paid faster with real-time visit review and approval. This transparency in care delivery also helps strengthen the connection between the caregiver, client and responsible party, improving outcomes.

3. Address caregiver privacy concerns

Caregivers already feel that they are under a microscope and that their ability to deliver care is increasingly limited.

That’s why agencies must clearly communicate how the data collected by EVV systems is used, stored, and protected. They must also ensure they have robust security measures in place to protect caregiver personal information and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to it.

By assuring caregivers that their privacy is a top priority, agencies will more effectively alleviate fears around how location-based tracking is used specifically for their EVV-related work.

4. Leverage incentives

The work of caregivers is incredibly hard – mentally, physically and emotionally – even if rewarding.

Agencies will be set up for more successful recruitment and retention by creating a recognition program to celebrate caregivers who excel in using the EVV system. This could include certificates, awards, or public recognition in team meetings.

Additionally, agencies can use performance-based incentives for accurate and consistent use of the EVV system, motivating caregivers to engage positively with the technology.

5. Showcase success stories

Share success stories from other caregivers who have successfully adopted the EVV system and experienced tangible benefits.

Additionally, encourage experienced caregivers who are proficient with the EVV system to mentor their peers, providing guidance and support from a relatable source.

Looking forward

Transforming skeptical caregivers into EVV champions is not an overnight process.

It requires a combination of effective training, clear communication, incentives, and a supportive environment. By addressing their concerns, highlighting the benefits, and fostering a collaborative approach, home care agencies can ensure a smoother transition to EVV systems and improve overall care quality.

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