The future of self direction

The future of self direction: empowering HCBS agencies and the individuals they care for

The future of self direction

The Future of Self Direction

As the landscape for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) evolves, so will the future of self-direction, significantly impacting how Pavillio changes to meet these needs. With a growing emphasis on person-centered care and individual autonomy, the future of HCBS lies in better connecting care communities to better empower individuals to take control of their own care journey.

Top 3 trends shaping the future of self direction

There are three key trends impacting the shift from traditional models of care that are driven more by providers and less by individual choice, flexibility, and independence.

  1. Person-Centered Care: The shift towards person-centered care is a driving force behind the future of self-direction in HCBS. Recognizing the importance of tailoring care plans to the individual’s preferences, values, and cultural background, person-centered approaches promote greater autonomy and dignity.
  2. Technology Integration: Advancements in technology are revolutionizing how HCBS are delivered. From telehealth services to mobile apps for care coordination and monitoring, and automated home care software platforms like Pavillio, technology enables individuals to have greater control over their care while promoting independence and safety.
  3. Policy and Advocacy: There is a growing recognition among policymakers and advocacy groups of the importance of self-direction in HCBS. Efforts to expand access to self-directed services and support innovative models of care are driving positive change in the healthcare landscape.

While the future of self-direction in HCBS holds promise, there are challenges, namely caregiver support.

Supporting caregivers is critical for the success of self-directed care. Providing resources and training can help caregivers navigate the complexities of managing care while promoting their own well-being.

Yet, while many automated home care billing and home care operations software platforms promise to support caregivers, their needs are often unheard or ignored.

With Pavillio, for example, agencies are able to empower their caregivers with an easy-to-use mobile app and platform accessible while on the go. This helps make EVV compliance, usage tracking, visit approvals and more faster and deliver compliance peace mind – while avoiding delays or errors in billing.

Another key challenge to address is quality assurance. Agencies must prioritize establishing mechanisms for oversight, monitoring, and accountability to ensure that individuals receive high-quality care that meets their needs. This not only serves their clients, but also provides a framework caregivers can best operate in to deliver high-quality care that generates measurable positive outcomes.

Opportunities to drive innovation to improve more lives

As the HCBS industry and requirements changes, so do opportunities for innovation to leverage the power of self direction to improve even more lives.

For example, HCBS agencies can significantly scale care and track and report outcomes when personalized care plans are fully integrated into their digital workflows. That’s why Pavillio empowers agencies to integrate each client’s unique Plan of Care into its platform. No more paper files or online document sharing. Fully secure, compliant plans that each member of the care team and individual can access at their fingertips.

Additionally, the nature of self direction and its future will require even more collaborative partnerships. That’s why Pavillio is designed to help make and sustain care connections and partnerships between healthcare providers, community organizations, and individuals so that plans are directly responsive to the needs of diverse populations.

Our why: the story behind Pavillio

For centuries, thriving communities built pavilions to bring people together to connect, collaborate and care for each other.

The concept and history of the community pavilion is what sparked Pavillio – from how we work, to how we serve and how we drive impact.

That’s why Pavillio is designed with a person-centered approach to help people with disabilities lead meaningful lives and to truly thrive. These individuals needing care and ability to support with self direction is the heart that beats for Pavillio.

We look forward to working together to empower individuals and the agencies who provide care to take control of their own care journey and lead fulfilling lives in their homes and communities.

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