Pavillio and Midwest Independent Living Solutions

Midwest Independent Living Services

We often incorporate frequently requested features into Pavillio based on your feedback. Midwest Independent Living Services (MILS) has taken full advantage of one of these features to go away from using paper timesheets completely. 


In the Monalisa release for Pavillio, we launched the ability to clock administrative, training, and other non-billable time. For more information about the release, read more here. MILS has been able to significantly modernize and improve their payroll process using Pavillio.

Background on MIdwest Independent living Services and Pavillio

In speaking with Aandrea LaFavor from MILS, she went into more detail about how the new feature has impacted the agency immediately.

MILS has... always been using Cashe in some way or another. I was brought on a year ago and we’ve been using Pavillio the entire time I’ve been here. We’ve nixed paper time cards completely and it has made us far more efficient.

The local touch

Aandrea continued to speak about Pavillio and why MILS chose Cashe and values the relationship that has been built.

As salaried staff we’ve been using paper time cards and now with the latest release, we have been using Pavillio for our salaried staff. It’s been so easy for everyone in our agency to use Pavillio. There’s a learning curve with everything but this has been one of the easier ones to learn.
It has made us far more efficient. We’ve been able to grow and modernize as a company with the help of Pavillio. The goal is to bring ease and streamline the day. It’s transparency, efficiency, and a way to communicate as well.
One reason why we chose Cashe, it is a local company and the level of customer service is amazing. It would have been a totally different experience with out someone like Samantha.

An experience like no other

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