Case Study: Hubbard Development Achievement Center (DAC) and Pavillio

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Case Study

Hubbard County Development Achievement Center (DAC)

Ease of access, more strategic focus

About Udac, Inc.

The Hubbard County DAC was started in 1973 by a group of local citizens. Their mission was to provide Day Training and Habilitation services for seven developmentally disabled adults in Park Rapids who had been long term residents of state institutions. By 1978 the program had grown to include 25 program participants and 5 staff. It was called the “Day Activity Center ” and the mission was to maximize independence through normalization. In 1979 a work activity program was licensed and a work center built. The program was eventually renamed the Hubbard County Developmental Achievement Center.


Hubbard County DAC was evolving.

Laura Johnson joined as Executive Director to help transform the organization to not only increase its community reach, but also to streamline operations and efficiency.

Billing poised a significant challenge.

The organization was spending days submitting claims and managing payments each week.

It also was limited in its ability to effectively report on and track its impacts to generate more support as different programs relied on different spreadsheets to track attendance and more.

The  organization had outdated and unintended administrative silos of information and reams of paper containing required documentation. It wasn’t an efficient process and it didn’t provide needed information in a coordinated, easily accessible manner.

As a result, the team knew it wanted a person-first partner with an end-to-end digital disabilities services software platform that could easily centralize data and eliminate the need for documentation and retention of records on paper.


Laura Johnson and her team conducted extensive research.

They knew they needed a platform that could track in the required 15-minute increments and be an end-to-end solution with billing and more.

Pavillio by Cashé Software stood out because it exceeded all the criteria the team had for an electronic management platform. Most importantly, the Pavillio team took the time required to meet with them in person and to understand the team’s unique processes and needs.

“We liked that they were a Minnesota-based company that understood our day-to-day needs and it was a complete end-to-end system,” said Laura Johnson, Executive Director.


The team is currently four to five weeks into implementation and already seeing the impact.

They are partnering closely with an implementation manager to work together each step of the way, ensuring team members feel supported and have the training they need to drive change management.

“Working with Abigail has been a pleasure to work with and has made this process move so smoothly. She is a great trainer and her customer service skills are wonderful,” said Johnson.
“We are so pleased we are with the implementation process and the tools in Pavillio. I have never pulled back when I had a complaint so it is equally important to share how pleased we are with the process.”

Additionally, the team has been tapping into features to help improve its payroll process, leveraging the export and reporting features to format data to import into its HR and payroll solution Paycor, saving days each month.

“Data gathering is also much easier, much more accurate,” said Johnson. “Pavillio is a good program and great team that is adaptable. Having a system like this allows me more time to focus on the strategic priorities.”

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