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Your most frequently asked questions

What programs do you support?

We support the complete Home Care & Community-Based Services community needs – from Personal Care to Housing to Residential and more. Learn more here.

What customizations are available

We recognize that not all agencies have the same home care billing and home care operations needs. That’s why we are designed to be easily customizable and flexible for your unique needs.


What does your home care software cost

Your work is full of surprises. Costs for a solution designed to help you grow and streamline operations to capture more revenue shouldn’t be. Our plans are designed to be flexible to growth with you – from free to reduced-cost and the ability to add on packages for consultation beyond initial implementation. Learn more.


Is my data secure?


Yes, it is hosted in our HIPAA secure Amazon cloud environment. 

What level of compliance do you offer?

Pavillio is a fully integrated and trusted home care software provider delivering EVV compliance, including an EVV mobile app. And with one-click billing supported by its unique product design, more than 99% of claims submitted are paid the first time.


So while it may seem like an easy way to achieve compliance with, for example a state-backed partner, you may only be getting one part of the compliance framework and then needing more to holistically solve. 

What training do you provide?


We offer on-going training, including webinars. We deliver white glove implementation support to get you and your team up and running in four to six weeks. We also offer the ability to purchase discounted sessions with our team if your agency is growing and prefers to manage an in-house implementation.

Most importantly, our support doesn’t end after you select Pavillio. You get a dedicated account manager and Support available to ensure continued success.

What do you integrate with?

 We integrate directly with the state-authorized EVV aggregators to ensure we help our home care agencies meet EVV compliance. 


For example, we integrate directly with HHAeXchange and have a proven track record ensuring EVV compliance to give our home care agencies peace of mind.


This is one of the many benefits of using Pavillio for both your EVV compliance and overall home care billing and operations needs. You get a complete picture of your agency financial health. We also recently externalized APIs, which means that Pavillio can now more easily integrate with even more systems.

Proud to be a member of the Home Care Association of America,
including the Illinois chapter.

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Get ready for a whole new, overhauled, and optimized experience! Pavillio is ready for your agency!


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