5 Ways Your Homecare Agency Can Digitize Caregiver Time Tracking

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Billing




In honor of Earth Day we are highlighting the benefits of bringing your business into full EVV compliance and operational transformation by helping your caregivers digitize time tracking with electronic timesheets. Save some trees and say goodbye to paper documentation for good. Here are 5 things to turn paperless for your business or home care agency.

1. Timesheets

Save yourself time and effort by recording time digitally. Mandates for tools like EVV help move us toward this strategy and highlight the ease of allowing intelligent systems to do the work.

2. Records & Profiles

Track every detail about your care recipients and employees in one place. Easily find or edit information, include important notes, and share select information with approved parties in seconds.

3. Documents

Never lose a document again! When you need to find a document in a pinch, paper causes problems. When you digitally store your documents, you can easily find what you’re looking for without delay.

4. Care Plans & Assessments

Track anything and everything pertaining to your clients. Permit caregiver access so everyone is on the same page regardless of device or location.

5. Forms & Signatures

Make it easy for everyone to complete information digitally, so it is instantly saved, stored, and always readily available to edit or share.

We wish you luck in your paperless journey. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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