DHS Selects Vendor for State’s Electronic Visit Verification

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DHS Selects Vendor for State’s Electronic Visit Verification

Minnesota DHS announced today that they  selected HHAeXchange as their vendor for the state-sponsored Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) software. This announcement also confirms that Minnesota will use a hybrid EVV model. With the hybrid model, providers may select an EVV system that works best for their business from any vendor, so long as the EVV vendor meets the state’s requirements, and also maintains accountability to the state by submitting data to the central system (i.e., an aggregator). Cashe’s legacy EVV platform and the Pavillio platform both already fully comply with the state’s EVV requirements.

In anticipation of this announcement, Cashe has already begun development of a data integration process that will feed EVV data into the aggregator, based on HHA’s specifications used in other state implementations. We will adjust the specifications as needed once defined by HHA, and will complete this work well in advance of the December 1, 2021 implementation deadline, so that any EVV data captured in our platform can be transferred to HHA as required.

EVV is still set to be implemented as of December 1, 2021 for applicable services. We are ready for this process and ready to support your implementation of EVV. If you have not already started your implementation of EVV, please contact your project manager ASAP so we can get your project on our schedule for a smooth onboarding well in advance of this deadline.

Of course this transition has been top of mind for Cashe since it was announced. To learn more about our EVV resources, please visit our EVV page or contact us directly.

To learn more, read the full announcement: DHS selects vendor for state’s electronic visit verification system.

Thank you as always for your time. We will continue to update you as further developments are announced.

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