Case Study: Udac, Inc. and Pavillio

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Udac Customer Case Study

Case Study

Udac, Inc.’s person-centered, paperless Pavillio adoption

More individualized, more efficient operations, more cost effective

About Udac, Inc.

Following a 55-year tradition, Udac, Inc. is dedicated to  fulfilling its mission to challenge disability, create opportunity and cultivate success for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve community inclusion through employment and involved civic life. The Udac Center of Excellence in Employment and Community Inclusion advances the vision to “create a community where opportunity to accessible to individuals of all abilities; on person, one career, one possibility at a time.”



Udac was primed for implementing a comprehensive management platform to support its community-centered services. A strategic plan was developed to focus on the future and new leadership provided the needed impetus for designing exceptional programs and mobilizing the resources to deliver impact – administrative to operations.

The organization had outdated and unintended administrative silos of information and reams of paper containing required documentation – binders of care plans, spreadsheets for payroll, spreadsheets for managing employee certifications, documents for licensing, and more. It wasn’t an efficient process and it didn’t provide needed information in a coordinated, easily accessible manner.

As a result, the Udac team knew it wanted a person-first partner with an end-to-end digital disabilities services software platform that could easily centralize data and eliminate the need for documentation and retention of records on paper. Udac outlined the following requirements:

1. Licensing compliance for its specific programs and services

2. Person-centered documentation of plans of care

3. Electronic employee time keeping management and coordinated payroll

4. Electronic access to confidential information in a secure network



The Udac team spoke with Minnesota-based community services and conducted extensive online research and did a comprehensive RFP to find the right partner. The answer was Pavillio!

Pavillio was not only positively recommended, but it also exceeded all the criteria the team had for an electronic management platform. Most importantly, the Pavillio team took the time required to meet with them in person and to understand Udac’s unique processes and needs.

“We liked that they were a Minnesota-based company with a locally based support team, and that they had a pre-survey document for the staff so Pavillio could really understand the process we needed for day-to-day success,” said Ann Dahl, Director of Operations.

“And it was really impressive that Pavillio had care plan documentation that met requirements for licensing. This is exceptional efficiency in that it meets care delivery documentation requirements and eliminates the need for separate documents. The needed criteria are already in Pavillio: what the supervision is, who is involved in the case, what the person-centered plan is and more were all separate documents before,” said Dahl.


“We used to have a whole FTE position dedicated to billing for client services, tracking denials and resubmitting and then on top of that we had a Director of Finance managing employee timekeeping and invoicing for a total of nearly 80 hours a week,” said Dahl. “Now, we have Lola coordinating the entire process with total staff time reduced to about 8-10 hours a week, often less.”

“When I started, I spent 50% of my time on billing and payroll,” said Lola Aune, Director of Human Resources. “Now, with Pavillio, this represents  just 20% to 25% of my time per week.”

The primary configurations used by the team, according to Lola, are Pavillio’s:


1. Payroll – Aune is now able to export core data, format the spreadsheets and send it to Udac’s accounting partner. The entire process previously took between six to seven hours a week and now takes an hour with Pavillio.

2. Billing – Aunte reported she performs billing daily by client and leverages the Pavillio report called Claims Data. She shared that the billing process formerly required multiple days of her work but now consumes a little over an hour.

3. Service Agreements – Aune now imports necessary information directly into Pavillio, which is a significant timesaver: no more manual inputs and now with an easy-to-use dashboard that includes service expiration dates.

4. Utilization – Another key feature Aune leverages its the Client Service Agreement Utilization report, ensuring Udac is delivering and then capturing the full approved number of units of care provided.

“One of the best things about using Pavillio is that our colleagues have all the information they need w hen they need it while active in the community,” said Dahl. “With Pavillio, they can find and verify any information on any client in real time. Using the Pavillio App and a few clicks, employees can update records and make any needed documentation entries efficiently and move on with their day.”

“In a world where the Udac Career and Life Coaches and the people served are always community-based, no one would have access to the information needed without coming into the office,” said Aune. “So, to be effective as a community-based organization, the Career and Life Coaches need something they can access in the community and Udac is assured that each person’s information is kept private and confidential. Confidentiality is ensured, there is no paper with personal and confidential information available in the community at any time.”

Aune acknowledged how busy home and community-based services are in the community and the need for Career and Life Coaches to learn how to document quickly and efficiently.

“It needs to be easy for all Udac colleagues to document and capture the services delivered. Their accurate documentation is how we get paid. If they do not capture services, we do not get paid for the services provided,” said Aune. “Pavillio has really simplified what the Udac team needs to do administratively and operationally.”

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