Case Studies

Pavillio and Disable Home Health Care

The Problem

What Disable Home Health Care had simply wasn’t working. Their HCBS software system was clunky, unresponsive, and crashed often. It stifled their growth as a company. So, they decided to look for something better. After looking for a robust software that met their needs, besides looking for a software with great UI and functionality, one feature kept coming up. None, except one had the real feature they wanted.

They wanted customer service

Pavillio and Possibilities

When you are clocking in a dozen caregivers at a time and recording documentation and something goes down, it doesn’t matter the features, user experience, or server uptime of a product. What matters is customer service. Can you get ahold of someone quickly and fix the issue you have? And for Disable, only one software provider had that above all else. Cashe Software and Pavillio.

In speaking with Janette Xiong at Disable, she made it clear that there are dozens of software partners that can fill the needs of a care giver system but only one has the customer service she and her caregivers required. Pavillio and Disable’s Project Manager, Samantha (read more about her here) was there at the beginning and continues to provide the service that Cashe Software is known for.
From Janette:

We were with CareTap before. Their system, the response time was incredibly slow. Pavillio is rocket fast and we wanted a faster, cleaner system. The customer service really stood out. Someone was always there to help troubleshoot. Pavillio is really, really well designed.

Samantha Frederick, Disable’s Product Manager echoed the needs and opportunities that Disable had as they considered switching to Pavillio.

Disable was looking for an easy to use agency management software that they could fully adopt. They were very motivated to streamline processes and Pavillio made that easy for them.

The Process

Moving over would be difficult, but not impossible and the process was made easier by Pavillio’s support staff.

It [the implementation] was lengthy, but incredibly thorough. I loved the schedule. It was a step by step process, we could on board people as needed and Sam was super helpful with everything. Sam always responds, even if she is not at the desk and can point us in the right direction.

Sam explained how easy it was to migrate Disable over to Pavillio with a schedule and an eager team.

Janette and team have been very eager to learn the system. They have asked many questions and have learned all things Pavillio! I have responded promptly to these questions and offered tips and tricks along the way. The Disable Team did all the hard work. Using Pavillio allowed them to quickly bring in their clients and employees, track service agreements, monitor client eligibility and bill out claims to maintain a steady revenue stream.

The Promise of Pavillio

The implementation process was only the beginning of Disable’s relationship with pavillio. Janette had this to say about to other agencies that are in Disable’s position when they began looking.

Again, it comes down to customer service. Many places are providing similar products, so the thing that really sets Pavillio apart is the customer service. At the end of the day, if you need help, it really means something to have someone like Sam there to help you along. I loved that everything was so convenient! It was very user friendly, and it really helps when a lot of our providers aren’t super tech savvy.

Sam had some thoughts as well on how agencies that are looking can make the discovery and migration process easier.

Starting a new software is time intensive. Take the time to clean up the data before putting it into the system. Disable did a great job up front of working through their data and were able to jump in with both feet without having to clean up data issues from the past. Be willing to put the time in up front- your team will thank you for it!