The 7 questions to ask when choosing a home care software

by | Aug 25, 2023 | EVV, Home Care, News

You know that spreadsheets and paper timesheets aren’t working for your agency anymore and that you need a home care software solution – errors, audit risks, rejected claims, and manual time tracking are all preventing your agency from growing.

You also know that you need an easy-to-use solution for EVV compliance and a way to automate and streamline your home care billing and home care operations for more efficient agency management.

And the home care software solution must be one that your team will love and can get you up and running in weeks.

But now what? How do you find the home care software right for your agency? Here are the top seven questions to ask when evaluating a platform for your home care billing and operations needs. 

 1. Does it support the programs for the people I serve? And what features must I have?

The needs of an agency delivering PCA services is going to look different than an agency that is a 245D basic or intensive provider. So if you have a 245D agency, you need to start there and then look at specifics, such as 24-Hour Emergency Assistance, Residential-based Habilitation (Including in-home Family Support and Supported Living Services for Adults in Their Own Home). 

Additionally, you need to ensure the programs are supported – whether that is Residential based Habilitation, Adult Day Care, Mental & Behavorial Health and more. 

 2. What level of compliance does it offer? 

Ensure that not only can the home care software provider deliver EVV compliance, but also confirm how they do that, including mobile offerings. Your caregivers are mobile so they need a mobile solution that travels with them.

It is also critical to confirm as part of compliance the tools and features built into the product to support your overall home care compliance protocol and periodic self-audits. If – and when – you are faced with a home care audit, you need the data at your fingertips to self serve and have a team able to help you along the way. 

So while it may seem like an easy way to achieve compliance with, for example a state-backed partner, you may only be getting one part of the compliance framework and then needing more to holistically solve. 

 3. Can I customize it for our agency needs? 

Many solutions are built as one-size fits all models or modular to address specific areas of the home care operations landscape. But while there are shared needs, no one agency is exactly the same. Be sure to ask what level of customizations are available and how they are included as part of any pricing plans. Also, ask the provider to show you in a demo what can and can’t be customized based on your needs and why. 

 4. How transparent and flexible is pricing? 

 Your work is full of surprises. Choosing a software platform shouldn’t be one of them. If there isn’t transparent pricing on their website that is easily accessible, ask. Plans should be designed to be flexible to grow with you – not lock you in without the ability to change as your agency does. 

 5. What does it integrate with? 

We integrate directly with the state-authorized EVV aggregator to ensure we help our home care agencies meet EVV compliance. This is one of the many benefits of using Pavillio for both your EVV compliance and overall home care billing and operations so that you can have a complete picture for your agency management. We recently externalized APIs, which means that Pavillio now more easily integrates with other systems.

 6. What proof points exist that I can trust they will do what they say? 

Does the software provider showcase customer quotes on its website or other materials? Can you see case studies of how other agencies have used the product successfully? These should all be available openly as well as key points about performance, such as rate of claims paid the first time, the amount of time saved, the number of agencies served, etc.

7. What does implementation look like and what support do you get after? 

 It is critical  that a home care software provider is clear and open about the process for implementation – from costs to team and project management. It is also critical that you also have the option for additional trainings and post-purchase customer success engagement. This is a team dedicated to helping ensure you are successful months and years after choosing a platform.

We’re always happy to help during your journey. If you have questions or would like to see Pavillio in action, please reach out at [email protected] to set up a time to connect. 

Have more questions? Check out our upcoming webinar to learn more. Register now.





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