Nobody knows billing & revenue cycle management like we do.

Save time, improve claims revenue

Billing and revenue cycle management is the lifeblood of growing HCBS agencies, requiring expertise to navigate the complexities.

Pavillio makes billing as easy one click with 99% of claims submitted the first time. Compare that to more than 18% of claims denied with other processes, like manual billing.

Added bonus? If you need additional help, you can outsource your billing to our home care billing team, which is consistently recognized for delivering high-quality customer service improving their claims revenue cycle management.

HCBS Billing Software

Make your claims workflow more efficient

As care advances, your need for documentation does too. No more paper or separate systems and spreadsheets.

Pavilio is an easy-to-use fully integrated platform with EHR features purpose-built with a person-first approach to deliver better outcomes for I/DD providers and the individuals they support.

Get paid faster

Get revenue posted faster

Get more peace of mind with accurate claims

Manage your complete
revenue cycle with ease


Increase operational efficiency

Forecast cash flow


Streamline operations

Be ready to face an audit

Pavillio Home Care Billing Services Monthly Dashboard

Manage and submit claims in real-time – and on the go

While billing is the livelihood of your HCBS agencies, the process is often outdated, time consuming and prone to errors. All of these put your agency at risk for:
Compliance issues
Gaps in care
Minimized outcomes

What we solve for you

We leverage our billing expertise and best practices so that we can decrease your time and effort to rework denied claims while also improving your claim to pay ratio.

Streamlined process, more time back

Real-time attendance and visits

Track unit utilization and by service line

Manage claims by status and service and payor in real time

The home care billing metrics you need to know

Our Billing Services customers meet monthly with their billing team to review core data to effectively track claims revenue while keeping a pulse on the health of the agency.

The team meets with customers to review and discuss issues that need attention, helping to reduce issues preventing prompt payment.

Additionally, in the Pavillio platform, Pavillio has an Agency Financials feature, enabling users to see summary data for revenue and accounts receivable by Provider Number, by Payor, and by Service line.

Core tracked metrics:

Pavillio Home Care Billing Services Monthly Dashboard

Failed Services (Unbilled)

Client Eligibility
Billed Claims
Units/Out of Units
Denied Claims
Service Agreements Pending
Prestige Home Health Care Minnesota

Saving time to focus on education, client acquisition

Imaan Hassan, CEO, and founder of Prestige Health Care LLC, founded her agency in 2023.

She decided to outsource her agency billing to the Pavillio Billing Services team because as her agency grows, she needs help to free up more time for professional development and securing new clients.

In fact, the time she saved by using Pavillio and outsourcing her home care billing has enabled her to go back to school. By advancing her care certifications and degree, she will not only be able to continue to grow her agency and serve more clients, but also deliver even more high-quality care.

Our expert home care billing team of 14 billers are consistently recognized for top-quality customer service and for their thorough understanding of the complicated revenue cycle process.

Our home care billing team is well-versed in billing to all payors and we are aware of every insurance update in real time. You will be assigned to a biller that will support you and will build a relationship with you, getting to know every nuance and detail of your organization’s billing and home care operations needs.

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