Pavillio release notes: Lavender & rosemary

We have added a ton of new functionality and features to make your Pavillio experience the best it can be. Check them out below!

What we added:

  • Additions to the MHTCM service line
  • We’ve optimized movement of finalized records coming into Claims Management (Failed/Ready)
  • DSS Tasks – now you’ll see the task instructions right on the DSS/ Tasks attendance screen
  • Improved the View Units screens for services with Daily and Monthly units of measure
  • We’ve increased the character limits for notes in EVV to 3000 characters and a warning has been added when that limit has been exceeded
  • Service Agreement Overview – New look! Information box in the SA overview will be changing to a button to display the units in a right-hand slide out. This will display the usage by line item more clearly and will mirror what the RP’s see on EVV
  • Previously, after the claim has been voided at DHS, the units were added back in to actual but were still considered estimated. Now, once the void is done, the units won’t count toward either actual or estimated.
  • Claims workbench – If specific options aren’t built into Pavillio for adjustment/ denial codes, all options will be made available to Billers to make a determination as to how the claim should be handled.
  • Pavillio EVV App: New version 4.4.1

Bug fixes:

  • DSS Transportation record capturing
  • Claim sent for the same day for the same client merging has been corrected
  • When toggling between claim count and dollars, any boxes checked will not remain checked.
  • Client financials – corrected display issue when applying payment to a client spenddown balance
  • Partially Ready: Client status not properly displaying

We are always working to make Pavillio and your experience better with every patch and release. If you have specific notes for what you would like to see in an upcoming release, please speak with your Pavillio Project Manager.