Answers to your most frequently asked questions

How much does Pavillio cost?

We have affordable and flexible plans and pricing as your agency grows, starting at as little as $199 a month or $11 per client per month.

What programs and services do you support?
We fully support all program requirements for state-licensed agencies, including 245D, Housing, Comprehensive, 245G, CFSS, FMS
What does Pavillio offer for EVV?
Pavillio meets all 21st Century Cures Act requirements for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), including its mobile app. It also integrates with state aggregators for seamless operations and compliance.
How fast could I get started with Pavillio?

Your agency can be billing with Pavillio in as little as 30 days. 

I want to get a demo. How do I schedule one?

It is easy and fast to connect with Sales. Start by visiting us at or email us at [email protected].  

If I become a customer, what Support can I expect? And how fast?
More than 90% of Support requests are resolved within one business day by our highly rated Minnesota-based Support team. In 2024 to date, the team has earned 4.7 out 5 stars for its customer support. We’re also here for each step of the Implementation process to ensure a smooth, seamless and fast launch so your agency can generate maximum efficiency as soon as possible with Pavillio.
What integrations does Pavillio support?

Pavillio was designed as a fully integrated, end-to-end solution to unify and connect the complete care ecosystem.  

Pavillio has a robust set of APIs published through an API gateway to provide easy and secure access for inbound data requests.  Pavillio can also integrate with 3rd party system via automated CSV/batch file transfers and EDI/X12 where necessary.

What security and compliance does Pavillio offer?

Pavillio ensures complete compliance with all relevant data practices and legal protection of personal and confidential information HCBS agencies and state and local governments require.

  • The application is hosted in HIPAA compliant AWS cloud services
  • Pavillio has audit logs for client demographic data built in
  • The log contains the user, date/time of change, and the original value and new value.
  • User logins are managed with a 2FA process, to ensure access is only by authorized users
  • Supports the basic needs of multi-tenancy, access control, HIPAA security controls and modular provisioning
  • Pavillio’s embedded data pipeline tool NiFi will be used extensively to extract, transform, and load data into Pavillio’s structure
  • Capability to support Single Sign-On with authentication by utilizing AWS Cognito
  • The Mobile application is written in a versatile multi-platform framework supporting iOS, Android, and native browsers in a single code base
How are users and access managed to ensure security?

Users can only access the application data through the user interface – no back-end access is allowed to databases to protect data security. 

User permissions have a detailed structure, identifying a role, a user and permission levels assigned to each role.

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