The story of our why

For centuries, thriving communities have built pavilions to bring people together to connect, collaborate and care for each other.

The concept and history of the community pavilion is what sparked Pavillio – from how we work, to how we serve and how we drive impact.

That’s why we aim to help people with disabilities lead meaningful lives and to truly thrive. These individuals needing care is the heart that beats for Pavillio.

It is also why our mission is to positively touch 2 million lives.

We understand our customers’ problems because we were our customers. Our employees have worked in home and community-based agencies and many have also worked as caregivers. Others also have extensive health care expertise.

And like Pavillio centralizes and connects all of the members of the care community, its technical infrastructure works silently in the background ensuring complete compliance for the protection of personal and confidential information.

Now, we’re all here together to use the power of Pavillio to help the human services community do what they do best.

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