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New Pavillio Release! Dandelion

We have listened to you and added some highly requested features in our latest release, Dandelion. See the fill list of added features and bug fixes below. Do you have any suggested system upgrades? We value customer feedback from you! Please send requests to [email protected] 

Full release notes here:

Release notes

§  Electronic Visit Approval – Several enhancements have been added to improve the efficiency of visit approval to support accurate billing, payroll and rapid resolution to exceptions. These include:

§  Records will now be grouped by client by service line and service code. This allows the user to easily review and approve all visits related to a client. Preview utilization and units available right from the approvals screen. You will know what’s available before finalizing time records. Improved process for Invalid Timesheets- Visit records with less than 7 minutes (or half the unit of measure), when finalized by supervisor, will be moved to a new card called “Invalid”. This time will be included in payroll calculation but will not be billed. The Reject button is removed from approve visits screen and the Reject Card has been removed.

§  Visit records entered when Client Override was enabled will now display in the Warning Card with a status of Client Override Enabled. Allowing you the opportunity to verify these records separately prior to finalizing them.

§  Several enhancements have been made to the DSS service line to improve usability for the end user. Enhancements include: A much-requested feature, clients will automatically clock out of one service when clocking into another service throughout the day. Several screens have been optimized for tablet users who no longer need to scroll to access transportation selection and increase visibility of client names.

§  ALL filter option has been added to Approve Attendance (Location) and Approve Tasks (Location, Contracts, Tasks) screens

§  In Approve Attendance and Approve Tasks, the Rejected card has been removed and replaced with Deleted Card.

§  There is now an option to delete under Approve Task on the Submitted Card.

§  Option to edit External Reference number for managing Companies.

§  Option to filter by Active and Inactive Contracts

§  When searching for a client or employee, you will now see the Client Name ~ DOB ~ MA

§  Several other miscellaneous enhancements to improve usability

§  Added the record charge screen for County Case Management and PERS service lines

§  Activities are now available and optional to add when using the Generic Care Plan.

§  Option to view and link service locations for clients with closed service agreements.

§  To more easily visualize service lines in service agreements, you will have the ability to sort by line item or by start date.

§  Service Type column is now an option in Failed, Ready, Claims, Claim Final and Claim Denied Cards.

Bugs We Fixed

§  In Claims Management, Other Card, total dollars displayed will be the adjusted total to reflect the outstanding balance in the card instead of the total billed.

§  Eligibility Widget- corrected records displaying year 1969.

§  Overlapping EVV records issue has been resolved.

§  EVV App: When hitting save, signatures added will also be save