New Pavillio features coming soon: TeleVisits, eMAR and more

by | Aug 25, 2023 | EVV, News

Get ready for eMAR and more! We’ve released significant Pavillio home care software product updates in 2023 – from an updated EVV app to Session-Based Care, Agency Financials, and more. Now get ready as we prepare for features coming soon – including eMAR and TeleVisits.

1. Pavillio eMAR: Eliminate paper Medication Administration Records and step into an eMAR. The new feature will give users more comfort with accurate med setup and administration with drug data, medication reminders, missed med tracking and fully integrated pharmacy capabilities. 

2. Faxing and emailing out of Pavillio: Soon, you will no longer need to separately email or fax – both can be done in Pavillio. This not only reduces time-intensive manual tasks, but also provides for digital documentation and storage of communications in a centralized source – Pavillio.  

3. Pavillio TeleVisits: TeleVisits is our take on Telephony, designed to support landline EVV services available at no extra cost for agencies of any size. Enjoy a streamlined workflow and EVV compliance while keeping agency managers on top of home care operations. Specifically, it will:

  • Give home care agencies the power of knowing the details of home visits as they are taking place.
  • Capture the start and end time and tasks performed instantaneously with a view of activity as it is captured.
  • All data integrated in the Care Summary for reporting and tracking. 


Interested in learning more? 

Register here for our September 27 webinar at 1 pm.





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