Mobile App Release January 2020

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Subject:  IMPORTANT – January 2020 Mobile App Release Update
Impacted Customers:  All Cashé Mobile App Users
Action Required by you: Review the attached information and contact Cashé Support if you have questions or need assistance

Hello Cashé Users,

Happy New Year! As we move into the new year, we have several exciting announcements to make regarding our Mobile App.

In the last few weeks, we have added to the Mobile App to make new performance improvements, new feature updates, and new fixes to further improve the app’s functionality.

First – the performance of the app has stabilized over the past several weeks. As you know, we made several updates to the data processes in the app to stabilize performance, improve the speed of use in various functions, and eliminate several bottlenecks to performance.

With those immediate issues behind us, we have focused on building on those improvements. Specifically, we have rewritten the entire data sync process to improve the reliability of the data syncing from the Cashé back-end to the Mobile App and improve the speed of data transfer.

Second, we’ve changed the back-end architecture of the app to separate the data push/pull processes from the data entry processes on the app itself. This will further improve performance of the app and ensure that data import/exports are not impacting performance of the app entry screens.

This improved process also corrects bugs reported with Outcomes data, Service Lines, Charting notes, and route pickup/drop-off conflicts.

Third – we have added several new features into the app to improve the breadth of capabilities of the app. Specifically:

  • Adding a Staff Job title into the Staff timecard entry
  • Adding ability to Edit, Delete and Add new entries into Staff timecards

And Finally – we have now introduced an Apple iOS version of the Cashé Mobile App. The app will be available in the Apple App Store for download and installation on iOS devices later this week.

We are committed to continuing to build on this App and improve the functionality to meet all of the needs of our user community. We know that development has been slowed by the various issues that we needed to fix and improve for the app to perform properly. Now that those issues are firmly behind us, we look to accelerate our development, the deployment of new features, and additions to help all of our users make the best use of Cashé Software. We thank you for your patience and support, and look forward to a great start to 2020!

The updates listed above are version 0.1.6. These updates will be released overnight and will be available on the morning of Wednesday, January 8th.

This update will be available in the Play Store, and any web-based browser applications have been updated to this version. (Don’t forget to clear your browsing data cache!)

If you need any assistance with these updates or if you have questions about these changes, please contact our support team at [email protected] or 612-605-3702.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your support.

Thank you!

Team Cashé

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