Minnesota EVV Good-Faith Exemption Approved by CMS

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Minnesota EVV Good-Faith Exemption Approved by CMS

As you may know, Minnesota filed for the good-faith exemption for EVV on November 18 of 2019.

The Minnesota EVV good-faith exemption has been officially approved by CMS.

This means that Minnesota does not have to meet the January 2020 deadline, and has an additional one year to comply.

Given the complex nature of the EVV implementation, we anticipate DHS utilizing the full 1 year to get ready and expect EVV to be mandated by the state on or after January 2021. Despite this, Cashé Software is already prepared with a fully functional EVV solution that our customers have been using with great success.

Minnesota DHS has not provided any specific requirements for EVV and has not announced any approved EVV solution at this time. We have built our EVV solution to be compliant with the Federal mandate, and we will adapt to any additional requirements from Minnesota when they are announced.

We continue to actively listen for any new DHS announcements regarding EVV and will keep you updated as new announcements are made.

You can contact us at (612) 605-3702 or [email protected].