Introducing CashéU

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Introducing CashéU

CashéU: Your place to learn and be empowered to serve.

Get ready, because we’ve designed an online learning environment with you in mind!

CashéU enables you to have any-time, anywhere access to Cashé Software’s top-notch virtual learning content.

This includes:

  • Best Practice training videos
  • Step-by-step user guides
  • Virtual instructor lead training webinars
  • Workshops
  • And more!

Wait, there is more! You have the ability to socially interact with your peers through Discussion Boards. All from your computer! You’ll be able to ask and answer questions and keep up-to-date with best practices and the latest industry hot topic information.

CashéU allows us to not only provide you with self-service, on-demand learning, and networking tools but we are also able to provide you with reports of course progress and completions. Each user has a unique transcript of course completions that can be used for on-boarding, annual reviews, and re-training.

CashéUwas designed with you in mind. We want you to have the best tools at your disposal to enable and empower you to learn. We will continually update and add the most relevant and beneficial content for your benefit.

If you have any questions about CashéU, please contact Christine at [email protected]



Team Cashé