How to prepare your team for EVV success

by | Oct 26, 2023 | EVV, Home Care, News

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a critical component of delivering and managing home care services. Your EVV success relies heavily on your team’s preparation and engagement to effectively track and verify patient visits, ensuring accurate home care billing.

Here’s how prepare your team for EVV success.

Step 1: Comprehensive Training

Training is the cornerstone of a successful EVV implementation. Start by offering in-depth training to your team, including caregivers, administrative staff, and managers. This training should cover:

  • The importance of EVV in enhancing patient care and safety.
  • The features and functions of the EVV software or system you’ll be using.
  • How to accurately record patient visits and submit data.
  • Troubleshooting common issues.

By offering comprehensive training, you ensure your team is well-prepared to use the EVV system effectively.

Step 2: Foster Open Communication

An engaged team is one that feels heard and valued. Encourage open lines of communication where team members can ask questions, share their concerns, and provide feedback. This can be done through regular meetings, suggestion boxes, or dedicated communication channels.

Addressing concerns and incorporating feedback can help ease the transition to EVV and improve overall engagement.

Step 3: Set Clear Expectations

It’s essential to establish clear expectations regarding EVV usage. This includes outlining what data needs to be recorded, how often, and what to do in case of discrepancies or issues. Having a documented set of guidelines can help prevent misunderstandings and ensure consistent usage.

Step 4: Address Privacy Concerns

Address any concerns related to client and caregiver privacy. Your team should understand that EVV is not about invading patient privacy but ensuring accurate and timely care. Make sure your team is well-versed in the legal and ethical aspects of EVV to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

Step 5: Monitor Progress

After the EVV implementation, don’t forget to monitor its progress and your team’s engagement with the system. Regularly check the data recorded and analyze its accuracy. If there are issues or challenges, address them promptly. Continuous improvement is key to a successful EVV implementation.

While there are still many unknowns about how each state will specifically enforce and track compliance, we know preparing now – and engaging your teams – will help mitigate risk and offset potential issues ahead.

Moving Forward

Preparing and engaging your team for EVV implementation is critical for the success of your healthcare or home care services. By offering comprehensive training, fostering open communication, setting clear expectations, addressing privacy concerns, and monitoring progress, you can ensure that your team is well-equipped to make the most of EVV.

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