February 2020 Release Update

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February 2020 Release Update

Subject:  IMPORTANT – February 2020 Release Update
Impacted Customers:  All Cashé Users
Action Required by you: Review the attached information and contact Cashé Support if you have questions or need assistance

Hello Cashé Users,

For our first update of 2020, we focused on improving the performance of key functions within Cashé.

First – we have redesigned and updated all of the claim forms within Cashe.  This update applies to all electronic billing forms:  MA Professional, MA Institutional, Other Payors Professional and Other Payors Institutional.  The forms have been redesigned to significantly improve performance, simplify sorting, and in general, make these forms easier to use. This is a significant improvement, especially for large agencies.

Please see our release video HERE for details.

Second – for those users who access the Attendance Review form for reviewing data from our Mobile App, this form has also been revised to significantly improve performance. Please see our release video HERE for details.

New Features

Plus! We have added several updates to improve on capabilities already in Cashé. Here are some additional features that are noteworthy.

Cashé Client (for Homecare and Home Health Agencies):

  • Moved the “PCA Technical Change Form” from Cashe Employee to Cashé Client

Cashé DTH/DayPro:

  • Updated the attendance review form to allow users to select which location is being filtered (i.e. the Client’s location, or the location where the attendance record was recorded)
  • Modified the “Ramsey county invoice” format to allow any Payor to use this format, and Payor information will vary based on Service Agreement payor
  • Updated the “Move claims out of Cashé” process to allow archived claims to be moved to history
  • Updated the 6790-M form, including the Jan 2020 updates from DHS, and installed for all agencies

Cashé Employee:

  • Installed the updated W-4 form for 2020 for all agencies
  • Updated the Eligibility verification process within the “Send to Billing” function, so that ineligible clients are held from billing, and eligibility status is updated in scheduler when active status has been restored

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue in DTH Timecard Review which was causing very slow load times on this form
  • Fixed an issue where the check for duplicate MA numbers was not running properly
  • Fixed issue in the “Add Jobs to Consumers” form where apostrophes in the client’s name was causing an error

These updates will be released between February 6-8, with all agencies being updated by Monday, February 10th.

In addition to these application changes, please check out Cashé U, our new training and learning platform, at Learn.cashesoftware.com.

If you need any assistance with these updates or if you have questions about these changes, please contact our support team at [email protected] or 612-605-3702.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your support.

Thank you!

Team Cashé