Health Records (EHR)

Pavillio is an easy-to-use EHR software module, purpose-built to empower better outcomes for I/DD providers and the individuals they support. From supporting Skilled Services, a fully integrated eMAR, and Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS), Pavillio is your partner to collect and connect  all the critical care information you need.

EHR software

Transforming the way you document care

As care advances, your need for documentation does too. No more paper or separate systems and spreadsheets.

Pavilio is an easy-to-use fully integrated platform with EHR features purpose-built with a person-first approach to deliver better outcomes for I/DD providers and the individuals they support.

EHR Pavillio delivers

Single source of documentation

Transparent, real-time visibility and access

Unify your data to centralize all of your operations

Pavillio EHR features for you


Role-based access


Process Management

Pavillio Housing Claims Dashboard

Improving care, improving outcomes

Your success largely depends on documentation because quality documentation can mean the difference between full payment, ADR, denials, or worse.  Our end-to-end automated platform supports your EHR needs today and into the future


Transparent and accessible single source of documentation


Seamlessly integrates with Provider, Payroll, Billing, HR, and Accounting systems, creating a unified, centralized, person-centered platform


Creates efficient workflows for timely documentation throughout the care process to guarantee regulatory compliance.


Easily manage and track medications with Pavillio’s eMAR


Track and report on care outcomes, ensuring visibility with clients and responsible parties


Document quality and outcomes to meet the requirements of the OASIS home health data set

What a caregiver says about Pavillio

“Before using Pavillio, I used to rely on paper, Now it’s easy to track my hours, simple to use, saves time, and no more lost papers! I love it."

Lana J. Nelson, Caregiver

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