Cashé Customer FAQs

Why is HHAeXchange acquiring Cashé?

  • HHAeXachange acquired Cashé because Pavillio is a strong home care product and Cashé has a knowledgeable team in Minnesota. In joining forces, the combined organization can provide the best solution for the Minnesota agencies.
  • The combined strengths of HHAeXchange and Cashé present a new opportunity to bring software solutions to the broader market that will address the rapidly growing homecare industry, and help thousands of homecare providers and payers across the U.S. ensure compliance, streamline billing, and optimize workforce management.

What does HHAeXchange do?

  • HHAeXchange is the Minnesota selected aggregator and state EVV vendor.
  • HHAeXchange is also a leading national homecare software company that for over 16 years, has helped thousands of homecare providers achieve operational efficiency, increase compliance, and improve health outcomes.

What does this acquisition mean for me?

  • Cashé now has access to national industry experts, and more technical and financial resources to better support you.
  • HHAeXchange shares a similar mission and vision as Cashé: to enable caregivers, families, providers, and payers to deliver the best care in the home. We will continue to support your changing needs as the home care market evolves.

Will I continue to use the same product(s) and services? 

  • Yes. You will continue to use the same software you’ve been using. As our teams converge in the months to come, we will accelerate our product development and further enhance Pavillio to be the best homecare platform for Minnesota agencies.
  • You will not be be moving to the HHAeXchange product suite.

Who do I contact for support? 

  • You’ll continue to work with the same familiar Cashé team who remain fully committed to supporting you. You can call us or open a ticket in Pavillio like you’ve always done.
  • If you have any specific questions or concerns about this acquisition or what it means for you and your team, please reach out to Praba at 612.290.5886 or [email protected]
  • Praba Manivasager will continue to oversee the Cashé operations business unit and will remain deeply involved in the day-to-day. 

Are Cashé leaders and team members assuming positions within HHAeXchange?

  • Yes, and Cashé’s Praba Manivasager will assume the role of Senior Vice President, reporting to JC Stanton, CFO. Paul Joiner will continue to serve as CEO of HHAeXchange. 
  • Cashé’s team is composed of professionals with deep technology and homecare experience that you’ve come to expect. We will add depth to the HHAeXchange workforce, while continuing to report into a separate business unit with their existing leadership in place like Bill and Sam.

Does HHAeXchange plan to incorporate Cashé into the company or run it as a standalone brand?

  • Today, Cashé will be run as its own business unit with its existing leadership in place. Over the coming months, we will work alongside the HHAeXchange team to realize an integrated vision for the combined company built to better support agencies like yours.
  • Most importantly, we want to ensure we are meeting our collective goal of building better products that meet the needs of Minnesota Agencies.

Will Cashé retain a local office in Minnesota?

  • Yes, we will have an office in Minnesota and will also be moving into a combined office in Bloomington in July where a new support center is being set up. 

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