4 Key Ways to Make the EVV Mandate a Win for Your Organization

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Medical Billing, News

The 21st Century Cures Act and the EVV mandate were implemented to help reduce fraud and waste.  This legislation will certainly help reduce fraud, but it will also add a new layer of training, compliance, and administrative work to your organization. Given that EVV is mandated for many community-based services, here we discuss how to turn this new compliance task into a win for your organization.

#1 – Streamline your payroll and billing processes

With the EVV mandate the services are now required to be tracked electronically. You know who provided the service, how long they spent providing the service and who received it. Failing to find a way to integrate this service delivery information with your payroll and billing would be a significant missed opportunity to have an end-to-end electronic solution.

When selecting an EVV vendor, check into their ability to easily export your employee timesheet data to your payroll service provider and support direct integrations for billing to the State, county or MCO you are billing for.

#2 – Finally get rid of your paper records

Paper has not been needed to provide services for some time. This is not a fad. If you still have paper-based processes the time is now to move away from them.

Many EVV vendors also provide a version of a patient or client record system. With implementation of EVV, investigate what other types of information can be stored about the individual receiving the service. Most will support managing notes, care plans, service agreements and other documentation such as advanced directives. Not being bombarded by paper stacks will immediately help with compliance, HIPAA, workflow management, travel costs… the list could go on forever.

#3 Implement quality control measures for your staff

Implementing EVV is the perfect chance to review your organization policies and procedures. Data around time tracking, scheduling care, and location of service should a be easily available to you. Having this data will allow you to enforce overtime policies and set rules around documentation and deadlines.  There are also geofencing capabilities, which is using the EVV’s GPS capabilities to control how close the caregiver needs to be to intended service address to clock-in, clock out and document.

#4 Better support for a remote or distributed workforce

COVID stressed many of our organizations systems and process. Bringing an EVV system into your organization that is flexible enough to handle your end-to-end (intake to billing) needs can streamline your business process, but it can also enable your community-based workforce to have the tools they need in the community. One of the first reactions heard from QP’s in home care agencies after implementation is that they have everything they need with them at every moment. If a record is updated, they know about it immediately without having to go into an office or call someone to find a piece of information.

The right EVV solution is just that – a solution to challenges you may already be facing and an opportunity to make the changes you’ve been waiting to make. Find out more about our EVV options – both free and integrated. Or book a free demo today to learn more.




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