Care Assistance (PCA)

What Disable Home Health Care says about Pavillio

“It comes down to customer service. Many places are providing similar products, so the thing that really sets Pavillio apart is the customer service. At the end of the day, if you need help, it really means something to have someone there to help you along. I loved that and everything was so convenient! It was very user friendly, and it really helps when a lot of our providers aren't super tech savvy.”

Janette Xiong

 Disable Home Health Care, Inc.

Person-centered focus

Whether you need the ability for a handful, dozen or hundreds of caregivers to clock in and track and submit care documentation, Pavillio makes it easy for caregivers to deliver quality care without paper timesheets and while also helping agencies meet compliance needs.

Easy-to-use clock in and out for caregivers from their smartphones
Easily track time and activities from the Plan of Care
Access core client information
View caregiver schedules
Pavillio PCA Services Supports

Personal Care Assistance Caregiver features

Manage employee workloads
Centralized dashboard: quickly view upcoming visits, time approvals, client information and more based on the Plan of Care.
Real-time information about system health: notifications to flag any potential issues putting agency billing and operations at risk.

Big news! We've joined forces with HHAeXchange to help enable homecare agencies.