Maximizing Pavillio for Day & Employment Services

Navigating license requirements for a home care or community services license can be complex. But the day-to-day operations and management doesn’t need to be – whether you are a 245D agency in Minnesota or following code 245 in Illinois.

If you are delivering Day & Employment services today – or considering for future expansion – this exclusive webinar will detail the top strategies state-licensed HCBS agencies have used to transform and modernize their operations through using Pavillio – saving time and money.

You will also hear from Udac, a leading Minnesota-based community services agency serving differently abled individuals for morethan 50 years, on how they skillfully automated all of their operations – from documentation, charting, reporting and more.

What you’ll gain by signing up and attending:

  • The top strategies for successful HCBS operations transformation
  • Insight into how to leverage key Pavillio features for Day & Employment services and more
  • LIVE time and attendance tracking
  • 100% electronic documentation and outcome capture
  • NEW! Session based time capture for payroll and billing
  • Seamless Consumer payroll for hourly and piece rate
  • Time capture and payroll for DSP training, admin and travel
  • Other new, helpful Pavillio features