Pavillio vs HHAeXchange

More than 400 home care and community-based services agencies choose Pavillio for its highly rated responsive service with more than 90% of Support requests resolved within 24 hours and its easy one-click billing and features.

Evaluating the right home care billing platform for you?

Thinking about making a switch from HHAeXchange to Pavillio?

Did you already sign up with HHAeXchange and are finding the terms of the contract you were promised to not be what you were promised? 

Or are you looking for a solution and know you need superior customer support, the ability to speak with a locally based team and trust you’ll get answers – fast?


Or do you need core features, like integrating the Plan of Care or leveraging Session-Based Care (SharedCare) that HHAeXchange can’t support?


We have all your bases covered! 

  • Superior customer support – more than 90% of all inquiries are resolved within a single business day.
  • A Minnesota-based support team here to speak with live and through email and in-product support.
  • Flexible and affordable plans that grow with you – no long-term contracts. 
  • White glove Implementation support to get you up and running in 30 days.
We integrate directly with state-issued EVV aggregators, including HHAeXchange, so you have peace of mind your data is protected and compliant. No more paper, compliance risks, and managing multiple spreadsheets. All of your client, team, billing and EVV compliance and documentation is safely stored digitally in our easy-to-use Pavillio platform.

See how Pavillio stacks up and is the right choice for your agency

Pavillio vs HHAeXchange how they compare
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