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11 DEC A View from Pavillio: Professional PCA’s Customer Success Story

Professional PCA was one of the very first customers to fully utilize Pavillio. Based out of Minneapolis, they provide PCA services to over 65 individuals supported by 85 employees. Professional PCA has now been up and running on the new platform for several months. 


The transition: Being one of the first agencies to move from Cashé to Pavillio meant that Professional PCA could have experienced a few bumps in the process but according to Najma Bulhan, who managed the move, overall the transition was fairly smooth. Najma stated, “The system is really just so easy to use. I was able to jump in and figure most things out without assistance. If I ever needed anything the Cashé team would hop on a video call and step me through the process. I always felt that I had the support I needed.”


Christine Evenson, the Sr. Customer Success Manager, led Professional PCA through the transition process.Having a dedicated point person for the transition who can be responsive when tasks need to be complete is important and Najma was wonderful to work with.” Christine said. “She was responsive, completed any tasks that were required quickly, and seemed genuinely excited about learning about how Pavillio works.” 

Impact of Pavillio: “It saves me so much time.” said Faisal Ismail, BSN, QP from Professional PCA. “Prior to Pavillio I had to make a lot of trips into the office to pick up paperwork, drop off paperwork. Now I have everything I need wherever I am, even from my phone. I have access to all client contact information and care plansI can complete my notes onsite without having to use paper.” Faisal also stated, “It prevents me from doing duplicative work and helps me know if there are items outstanding.” 

Najma added, “The dashboards are beautiful! There are ‘To Do’ lists and everyone can see what needs to be done. An example is if someone needs a care plan, it is easy to see that it is missing. Pavillio is definitely making a positive impact on our business. The amount of time we are saving not having to do things twice is having an impact. We can upload service authorizations and notes, it is amazing!  

Thoughts from our Sr. Customer Success ManagerChristine wants everyone to know that we understand that this transition can be scary and that is why you will have a dedicated project manager that will assist you through the process. Your active participation is vital for a smooth transition. We at Cashé software strife to provide excellent customer service and that won’t change. She says, We can’t promise that this won’t be hard, but we can promise to work closely with you during the transition.Together, you too will be enjoying the benefits Pavillio offers in no time.